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Communications Channels

Facebook Group

Open group for members and non-members alike. News, updates and events will be posted here, and non-members can make enquiries and discover more about the Makerspace.

Discord Server

Group instant messaging platform. Discussion of projects, requests for assistance, show-and-tell of projects. This is the most appropriate channel to request maintenance for machines or highlight issues you may have run into whilst using machines. This is an open group, we welcome members from other Maker communities to join and anyone else, use this link to join:


Official documentation platform for the machines and a list of rules and working practices for members of the Makerspace. The Wiki should be used as the official record of completed maintenance activities - each machine has its own page where maintenance can be recorded. Any requests for maintenance should be first discussed on the Discord server listed above.

Mailing List

Details of upcoming meetings and events and news concerning the Makerspace.

Click here to sign up

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