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Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd Inductions Guide

There are no inductions for the Makerspace as a whole, however you need to be inducted before using some of our more dangerous or costly equipment. Inductions are intended to ensure you use the equipment safely and allow you the best chance of getting good results.

:!: Only Makerspace members can be inducted to use Makerspace equipment.

Which equipment requires inductions?

Equipment that requires induction is identified by a label affixed to the machine, or is protected by a lock-out of some kind (power or padlock). If it is not clear whether a piece of equipment requires an induction, check the Wiki or ask a Trustee before using it.

If you propose the purchase of equipment for the Makerspace, loan your own equipment or accept a donation of equipment, you must consider the induction process. You must publish on the Wiki:

  • Whether or not the equipment requires induction.
  • Who will prepare the induction process and materials.
  • Who will initially deliver the inductions.
  • If you believe a piece of equipment in the Makerspace that does not already have an induction should have one, you must report this to the Trustees who will review the report as an incident.

How do I organise an induction?

:!: This section is incomplete

When requesting inductions, please remember that our inductors are volunteers who offer these services in their spare time. There is no guarantee that an induction will be possible in any given timeframe.

What will you learn in an induction?

Inductions make sure that:

  • You can use the equipment without endangering yourself or others.
  • You do not damage the equipment.
  • You have the best chance of getting good results from the equipment.
  • You can find induction notes and other induction materials on our Wiki, these notes are for reference and do not replace the need for a formal induction.

How can I start running inductions?

If you want to be an inductor, get in contact with whoever currently runs inductions for the equipment. They will make sure that you are properly inducted, make sure you’re familiar with the induction materials, and give you access to any other information and resources you require.

What do inductions cost?

Inductions are normally free, however the Trustees may impose fines of £5 for not attending booked inductions.

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