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Guests and Children Guide

Guests are welcome in the Makerspace, however they remain the direct responsibility of the member who brought them and must not use any equipment that requires induction.

  • Do not leave your guests unattended in the Makerspace.
  • Explain all relevant Makerspace rules to your guests.
  • If you see someone’s guest being unsafe or using induction-protected equipment, challenge them and report the incident to the Trustees.
  • Do not let people into the Makerspace if you don’t know them, or if you not sure if they are a member. If you let a non-member in, they become your guest and you are responsible for them!
  • Memberships are not transferable or sharable between people.


Children (under 18s) are welcome in the Makerspace as guests of members, but they cannot join as members until they turn 18, and must be closely monitored at all times by the member who brought them.

If you bring a child to the Makerspace as a guest, be aware of the following:

Like any guest, you are responsible for the child’s safety and actions at all times while in the space. The Makerspace environment is not specifically designed to be child-friendly, and you must remain more alert to their well-being and actions than you would in other places. Like all guests, children cannot use induction-only equipment. In Rooms 2 and 3, there are some extra stipulations:

You must very closely visually supervise your guest children at all times when in Rooms 2 and 3. Children must never use power tools or machinery. You must remove your guest children immediately from the room, if another member feels there are tasks underway that make the environment unsuitable for children, or if they feel the child’s behaviour is inherently unsuitable for the environment.


Pets are not allowed under the Reuse Centre rules. Support / assistance animals such as guide dogs are allowed.

Open Sessions

Events open to non-members can be held at the Makerspace provided:

The event is led by the Makerspace members who remain responsible for the non-member attendees throughout. The membership is informed at least 14 days in advance. Non-members do not use induction-protected equipment. The relevant Makerspace Rules and housekeeping information are read aloud to all non-member attendants at the start of the event. It does not clash with another organised event. The members organising the event take reasonable steps to ensure the event doesn’t excessively impact other members regular use of the space or equipment.

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