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Building Access Rules and Information - Reuse Centre

The Reuse Centre is a large building found at 138-142 Chepstow Road, NP19 8EG. The address of the Makerspace is:

Reuse Centre
Newport Makerspace / Creudy Casnewydd 
138-142 Chepstow Road, 
NP19 8EG
Reuse Shop Opening Times

The Reuse Shop is open 9.30am to 4.30pm on Monday to Friday, and 9.30am to 4pm on Saturday. The makerspace is not always open during these hours, please check in advance to avoid disappointment! Asking on our Facebook Group or on our Discord Server is a good place to find out if someone is available to open the makerspace.

Parking and Unloading

The Wetherspoons Car Park is the closest Pay and Display car park, it is right behind the Reuse Centre and accessed from Glebe Street - however, we recommend using the low-cost Maindee Car Park on Chepstow Road if you are planning on driving.

If you are driving simply to drop off an item of some kind, the official unloading area is at the front of the Reuse Centre from Chepstow Road. Please do not attempt to unload items at the rear of the building unless you have paid for a parking space - Wetherspoons will not allow the use of the car park for this activity.

Reuse Centre Facilities

Makerspace members are allowed to use the 'The Kitchen' and 'Volunteers Room' as well as the Makerspace. There are toilets on both floors of the building. Makers are also allowed to use the large community room, but this space needs to be booked with Wastesavers staff by e-mailing the Reuse Operations Manager.

Accessing to the makerspace out of Reuse Shop opening times

If you wish to access the Makerspace out of Reuse Shop hours, you first need to contact a makerspace keyholder to find out if we are open. To gain entry, you need to arrive at the rear door to the building from Glebe Street (via Wetherspoons Car Park) and contact a makerspace keyholder to be let in. The makerspace phone number is 07762 950834. This phone is left in the space and is only used for this reason.

Access is only permitted to the rooms mentioned. The building is alarmed. Do not attempt to enter the shop floor or any other space than those mentioned above outside of shop hours.

Goods Lift

The lift is not available for general use and only approved persons are allowed to use the lift. If you are unable to use the stairs, or if you have a large item that you can't safely bring up the stairs then we can organise lift access, please let a makerspace volunteer know in advance.

Remember, Wastesavers staff and volunteers are available to help if you are in need!

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