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Creudy Casnewydd / Newport Makerspace Induction Information

For members wanting inductions:

Why do I need an induction?

Many of the tools and machines in the makerspace present significant risk of personal injury (or worse) if used incorrectly, and others are complex and may be expensive whilst also having a good amount of capability to destroy themselves. Inductions are designed so that you can use the shared equipment in the makerspace safely and appropriately so that the risk of harm to yourself, others and the machine is effectively reduced.

How do I get an induction for …?

You must be a makerspace member in order to be inducted in the use of any machine or process.

There are different levels of demand for different machines, and as a result we may or may not schedule regular inductions for a given activity. For some machines, inductions are organised with the instructor following a request from a member. Our general rules and information regarding inductions can be found here. Please check the specific page in the Tools and Machines section to get the induction information for the machine you are interested in.

Members must not use machines that require induction if they have not yet been inducted.

Please be aware that directors have the right to revoke

Information for people who can induct

If you would like to organise inductions and have the skills required to deliver for a specific tool or machine, please get in touch with the directors ( or announce it at one of our meetings.

All makerspace inductions must follow our induction template which can be found here. Basic induction information for any tool and machine should be updated appropriately, this includes:

  • How / when does an induction take place?
  • What materials are needed in advance?
  • How long does it take?

Inductors are responsible to update the members induction record when inductions take place. Members should only have their record updated

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