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iTech 260S Planer Thicknesser


The iTech Planer Thicknesser 260S is a dual purpose machine which is designed to prepare wood. It is used to trim down boards to reach a uniform thickness. Thicknesser mode is used to reduce thickness, planer mode is used to get even surfaces / faces. The 260S has a spiral rotary blade which reduces the noise levels when it is operating and reduces the cost of maintenance as the rotor is made up of individually replaceable cutting blades. While quieter than standard planer thicknessers, this machine is still loud!

This machine should be connected to the chip extractor by hose, the chip extractor and overhead dust extraction unit should both be powered on when the 260S is in use.

Link to suppliers catalogue page A paper manual is kept for this machine in the Makerspace

Safety & Induction

:!: Do I need an induction to use this machine? Yes

:!: Wear eye protection :!: Wear hearing protection :!: Gloves recommended

Always check material for the presence of nails before feeding into machine - we have a nail detector!

Induction Information:

  • You can get an induction for this machine by submitting a request to
  • An induction for this machine is expected to take up to 1 hour
  • The induction will cover setup and safe usage of the machine in both modes

Maintenance History

Date next maintenance is due: dd/mm/yy

Date Member ID Notes
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